Purneia, red of Tuscany igt


Starting from the 2011 our Purneia, wine of Sangiovese grapes, can be considered as the prototype of our natural fermentation wines. Following a protocol of multiplication of indigenous yeasts in the cellar (similar to that for the sourdough bread) we were able to abolish purneia_bottigliathe use of industrial yeasts to induce the must fermentation. Thanks to this device, in the last years Purneia has made a decisive qualitative leap. Another essential factor to establish the identity of Purneia, as well as for our other wines, is the minimum use of added sulphites, a fraction of the quantity that is deemed necessary in the conventional enology.
After a long maceration with the skins in autumn and, during the winter, on the lees – that smells of fruit, rather than of sulfur, as is often the case in conventional wines – Purneia is passed in small “exausthed” wooden barrels, that have already sold the bulk of the wood aromas, bought second-hand from producers in the neighborhood, not just empty. In these containers, the wine is a period ranging between six months and a year (aging), and was then bottled for aging. Being so young, our production can not yet boast of bottles with a long aging, but it is our intention to raise the future Purneia for long periods of time in the bottle.
The profile of taste and olfactory Purneia is rich in species due to a wide range of red berry fruits with rich spicy notes.
The name of the Purneia (IGT Rosso Toscana) comes from an inscription in Etruscan characters on an artifact found in the company.


  • 2015: Available
  • 2013: Available
  • 2011: Available (few bottles)
  • 2010: Sold out
  • 2006: Sold out


short link: www.palazzodipiero.com/VoMQw

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