Mustiola, rosé of Tuscany igt

Since 2009 we started a completely new path for us, being the first time ithat a rosé was made ??in our farms. The Sangiovese grapes dedicated to Mustiola, are harvested much earlier than those for red wines, in order to maintain a high freshness and, hopefully, a lower alcohol content.
The wine is made in white, working on a qast separation of the must from the skins, with a slight pressing.

From 2011 we work on indigenous yeasts inoculation,  multiplied for days before the harvest in a semi-fermented must.
In this case also we add only a small amount of sulfites. The wine is then aged in stainless steel until the next spring, during which it is presented in our farm event “Rosé of May”, often occasion to present even the red of the previous years, to new bottling.
Mustiola is a fresh and delicate. The name Mustiola (IGT Rosato di Toscana) is that of one of our ancestor, lived in the ‘600 but is also linked to Santa Mustiola, the patron saint of the nearby town of Chiusi and mustiolo (Suncus etruscus), little animal (the smallest existing mammal) similar to a mouse and typical of our region.


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