Anicisa, sparkling Tuscany

The next, and almost inevitable, step on the way of our love for Sangiovese and its interpretation in pink, Mustiola, was to create something of sparkling from this  fragrant and rich wine. We waited almost three years for the first experiments to arrive to a result, something that left us very enthusiastic.

Now we are able to let you taste the first disgorgement of the new born Anicisa, completely made into sparkling wine in our farm, with our own hands. This is a “classic method” of second fermentation in the bottle, aiming to break down the sugar content and get what is a bit our ideal: a very dry bubble, sour, rich and round, with a fine and persistent effervescence. We are still at the beginning of a journey that excites us. We do not expect anything but to share it with you all.

The name Anicisa (Sparkling rosé) comes from the same urn from which the name Purneia comes: “Pvrnei Anicisa”, translated by some sources in Latin into “Purneia Anicii uxor” or “Purneia wife of Anicio”. Thus ends a perfect circle between Purneia with his strength and Anicisa, with its wrap-around pleasure.


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